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Harmony and Health: Belmore Court's Guide to Wellbeing in Fermanagh

Embarking on an eco-friendly itinerary at Belmore Court & Motel situates you at the cusp of wellness innovation, where every element of your stay is thoughtfully curated to enhance your physical, mental, and environmental wellbeing. Nestled in the heart of the tranquil Fermanagh landscape, the motel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to rejuvenation.

Physical Wellbeing

Belmore Court & Motel recognizes the vitality of physical health as the foundation of wellbeing. There are lots of local offerings such as yoga at Blaney Spa & Yoga Centre, Pilates sessions, and refreshing morning jogs through Fermanagh’s verdant trails. The motel’s commitment to nourishment is evident in its breakfast menu, boasting locally-sourced, nutritious ingredients. For a well-rounded dining experience, venues like WV Bar serve balanced meals prepared with the finest local produce. Serenity is also within reach at relaxation spaces like Forthill Park and The Broadmeadow, mere steps away for moments of peace.

Wellbeing in Fermanagh

Mental Wellbeing

Mental tranquility is integral to the Belmore Court & Motel experience. With a suite of mindfulness workshops available at places like *The Happy Mind Studio*, guests are invited to unwind and foster a serene state of mind. The motel’s resident library offers literary escapes, and the surrounding countryside is perfect for a digital detox, encouraging guests to reconnect with the present moment.

Social Wellbeing

The motel’s tapestry of social wellbeing is woven through its support for community events with Alzheimers Society & the British Heart Foundation and partnerships with groups like Rory’s Travel Club for social excursions. These shared experiences not only enrich guests’ stays but also fortify the social fabric of the local community.

Emotional Wellbeing

The motel promotes emotional wellbeing through art and music therapy sessions happening locally through their social media channel, providing a creative outlet for guests to express and explore their feelings. Attentive staff are trained to offer empathetic support, ensuring a comforting and understanding environment.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual nourishment is found in the local nature walks and trails, including those at the National Trusts Castlecoole Estate, allowing guests to connect deeply with the natural world.

Environmental Wellbeing

Belmore Court & Motel leads by example with eco-friendly practices such as recycling and energy conservation, aligning guests’ stays with the health of the planet.

Wellbeing Enhancement Plan

Through its Wellbeing Enhancement Plan, Belmore Court & Motel offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, ensuring that every guest’s stay contributes to their overall wellbeing. By actively promoting this plan through social media and the motel’s website, and constantly seeking feedback for improvement, the motel remains at the forefront of providing a nurturing and enriching experience.

Guests can immerse themselves in the local wellness scene, with access to public swimming pools like Fermanagh Lakeland Forum not far away, gyms including Push Fitness by TMC, and holistic spas such as The Thai Spa at Lough Erne. Healthy food options are aplenty, with restaurants like Big foot Spuds focusing on wholesome, satisfying meals.

Belmore Court & Motel is not just a place to rest but a haven for wellbeing. It stands as a testament to the belief that a break in Fermanagh can be transformative, offering a respite not only for the body but also for the soul. It’s where every aspect of wellbeing is not just catered to but celebrated, providing an escape where guests can relax, recharge, and reconnect.

Wellbeing in fermanagh

Fermanagh offers a variety of activities including fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, and nature walks to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout the county.

Yes. There are opportunities to enjoy morning jogs, yoga, and Pilates in the beautiful local surroundings of Fermanagh.

We feature healthy breakfast and can suggest dining options with nutritious, locally-sourced ingredients at various local restaurants.

Yes. As the outdoor capital of Northern Ireland there are many places to chill and relax.

Yes, with our wellbeing plan and the natural serenity of Fermanagh, our motel is perfect for those looking to relax and recharge. We can provide lots of suggestions for things to do.

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