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Theatrical Escapes: Enniskillen Drama Festival and Relaxation at Belmore Court

The Enniskillen Drama Festival is a beacon for theatre enthusiasts, drawing in a tapestry of plays that span themes, eras, and emotions. Hosted annually, it transforms the quaint town of Enniskillen into a vibrant hub of storytelling and theatrical brilliance. Accommodating your stay at Belmore Court & Motel, the closest accommodation to the Ardhowen Theatre, not only promises comfort and convenience but also immerses you in the heart of Northern Ireland’s cultural landscape.

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2024 Festival Highlights and Theatre Companies

Friday 1st March 2024 – In the Shadow of the Glen reimagined by Sean traynor

Enniskillen Drama Festival 1

In this modern reinterpretation by Sean Treanor, “In the Shadow of the Glen” delves into the tale of Nora, bound in an unfulfilling marriage to the older Dan Burke. The narrative unfolds with Dan’s cunning ploy to unveil Nora’s genuine sentiments and her future aspirations as a widow. This version by Newpoint Players accentuates the raw, instinctual desires and the tumultuous essence of existence and nature, echoing themes found in Synge’s original work and his more renowned “The Playboy of the Western World.” Through their production, Newpoint Players showcase their skill in bringing depth and contemporary relevance to classic themes, further establishing their reputation for theatrical excellence.

Saturday 2nd March 2024 – The Wake by Tom Murphy

Enniskillen Drama Festival 2

In “The New Electric Ballroom,” presented by Newtownstewart Theatre Company, we journey with three sisters, forever haunted by the shadow of their prime within the confines of their coastal village. This narrative, rich in darkly poetic fables, explores the profound impact of isolation and the remnants of romance on their lives. Bridge Drama renowned for its ability to breathe new life into complex narratives, skillfully navigates the play’s emotional landscapes, showcasing their adeptness at portraying the intricate dynamics of small-town existence with a blend of sensitivity and dramatic flair.

Sunday 2nd March 2024 – Faith Healer by Brian Friel

Enniskillen Drama Festival 3

In “Faith Healer,” a compelling drama by Brian Friel, Dunmore Amateur Drama Society takes on the story of Frank Hardy, a man with a dubious gift for healing, as he navigates the complexities of hope, redemption, and the human condition across the British Isles. The society’s adeptness at unraveling the intricacies of Friel’s narrative shines through as they explore the turbulent relationships between Frank, his wife Grace, and manager Teddy. Their performance skillfully highlights the play’s exploration of memory’s unreliability and the essential role of storytelling for survival, showcasing their prowess in bringing depth and nuance to Friel’s challenging themes.

Monday 4th March 2024 – Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton

Enniskillen Drama Festival 4In their rendition of Patrick Hamilton’s “Gaslight,” Clarence Players skillfully bring to life the psychological drama surrounding Bella Manningham, a woman tormented by the manipulative control of her husband, Jack. Set against a backdrop of Victorian England, the play captures Bella’s descent into doubt and despair, exacerbated by the eerie occurrences in her home each night. Clarence Players excel in portraying the tension and suspense that unfolds, culminating in an investigation that challenges perceptions of sanity and identity. Their performance highlights their expertise in delivering intense emotional narratives with precision and depth.

Tuesday 5th March 2024 – The New Electric Ballroom by Enda Walsh

Enniskillen Dram Festival 5

Newtownstewart Theatre Company, presents “The New Electric Ballroom” by Enda Walsh, a tale woven with the threads of nostalgia, longing, and the haunting grip of past romances on three sisters in a secluded fishing village. This production dives deep into the emotional aftermath of their younger days, lost in the memories of the New Electric Ballroom. The company’s expertise in capturing the essence of small-town dynamics and the complex layers of human emotions brings a profound depth to this dark, glittering fable, highlighting the stifling effects of life in isolation.

Wednesday 6th March 2024 – Margaret By Shaun Byrne

Enniskillen Drama Festival 6

In Ballyshannon Drama Society’s production of “Margaret” by Shaun Byrne, the audience is invited into the introspective world of Margaret, an octogenarian wrestling with moments of lucidity and confusion. The play poignantly navigates her life’s twilight, touching upon her complex relationships and the specter of her past achievements, guilt, and the judgments of both her inner circle and the public. Ballyshannon Drama Company’s reputation for nuanced performances and emotional depth ensures a compelling portrayal of Margaret’s multifaceted character, offering audiences a profound reflection on legacy, identity, and the human condition.

Thursday 7th March 2024 – The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh

Enniskillen Drama Festival 7

Enniskillen Theatre Company takes on Martin McDonagh’s “The Lonesome West,” a riveting drama that delves into the tumultuous lives of the Connor brothers, Valene and Coleman, in the wake of their father’s death. Their existence is marked by bitter arguments over trivial matters, escalating tensions within their home. It falls to Father Welsh, the local priest, to attempt a reconciliation before their constant bickering leads to tragedy. The company’s adeptness at capturing McDonagh’s dark humor and complex character dynamics promises a powerful and engaging production.

Friday 8th March 2024 – The Cripple of Inishmann

Enniskillen Drama Festival 8

Dooega Drama Group takes on Martin McDonagh’s “The Cripple of Inishmaan,” set in the small island community of Inishmaan in 1934. The play captures the islanders’ excitement over a Hollywood film crew’s arrival and follows ‘Cripple’ Billy Claven’s ambition to break away from the confines of gossip, poverty, and boredom by landing a role in the documentary. Dooega Drama Group, known for their skillful storytelling and character portrayal, brings this dark comedy to life, highlighting the aspirations, eccentricities, and human spirit of McDonagh’s characters with authenticity and depth.

Saturday 9th March 2024 – Radium Girls by D. W Gregory

Enniskillen Drama Festival 9

Clontarf Players take on Martin McDonagh’s “The Cripple of Inishmaan,” set in the small island community of Inishmaan in 1934. The play captures the islanders’ excitement over a Hollywood film crew’s arrival and follows ‘Cripple’ Billy Claven’s ambition to break away from the confines of gossip, poverty, and boredom by landing a role in the documentary. Dooega Drama Group, known for their skillful storytelling and character portrayal, brings this dark comedy to life, highlighting the aspirations, eccentricities, and human spirit of McDonagh’s characters with authenticity and depth.

Through each play, attendees are not just watching performances but are partaking in a journey curated by some of the finest theatre companies in the country. Their distinct styles and interpretative depth breathe life into these stories, creating a festival atmosphere that’s both diverse and cohesive.

Why Belmore Court & Motel?

Choosing Belmore Court & Motel as your festival retreat means opting for unmatched hospitality and convenience. Its proximity to the Ardhowen Theatre, coupled with the comfort of its accommodations, makes it an ideal choice for festival-goers. The motel’s dedication to providing a memorable stay complements the immersive experience of the drama festival, making every aspect of your visit seamless and enjoyable.

Exploring Enniskillen and Beyond

The Enniskillen Drama Festival is not only an opportunity to indulge in theatrical arts but also a chance to explore the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Enniskillen. From historical sites to local culinary delights, the town offers a plethora of activities to enhance your festival experience. Belmore Court & Motel’s central location serves as the perfect starting point for these explorations, allowing you to discover the charm of Northern Ireland at your leisure.

The Enniskillen Drama Festival, with its array of plays and the talented theatre companies behind them, presents an unparalleled cultural experience. It’s a celebration of storytelling, craftsmanship, and the universal themes that connect us all. Coupled with a stay at Belmore Court & Motel, your visit to the festival is not just an outing but a journey into the heart of theatre. Amidst the backdrop of Enniskillen’s picturesque landscape and the warm hospitality of the motel, this festival stands as a testament to the power of art to inspire, challenge, and transform.

In crafting this expanded narrative, it’s essential to weave in the details that make each theatre company’s contribution unique, while also highlighting the comprehensive experience offered by the festival and the Belmore Court & Motel. This approach provides a rich, engaging read that captures the essence of the festival and encourages theatre lovers to immerse themselves in this extraordinary event.

Enniskillen Drama Festival FAQ

The Enniskillen Drama Festival is an annual event showcasing a variety of plays from local and international playwrights, highlighting themes from traditional to contemporary. It’s a celebration of theatrical arts in the heart of Northern Ireland.

The festival typically takes place in early March. For specific dates and the program schedule, please refer to the official festival website.

The plays are performed at the Ardhowen Theatre, located in Enniskillen, offering a picturesque setting by the lakeside. Only a 10 minute walk from Belmore Court & Motel.

Belmore Court & Motel offers comfortable and convenient accommodation options right in the heart of Enniskillen, making it easy to attend festival performances and explore the town.

For ticket bookings, it’s recommended to visit the festival’s official website or contact the Ardhowen Theatre directly. The motel staff may also assist with information on how to purchase tickets.

The festival features a diverse range of plays, from dramatic classics reimagined for a modern audience to new works exploring contemporary issues.

Enniskillen offers a variety of dining options, from cozy cafes to fine dining restaurants. The motel staff can provide recommendations based on your preferences.

Plan to attend multiple plays, explore the local area, and engage with the festival activities. Staying at Belmore Court & Motel gives you the flexibility to enjoy both the festival and the attractions of Enniskillen.

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