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St. Patrick's Day Enniskillen

Green Accommodation in Fermanagh

The Commitment to Green Accommodation in Fermanagh Belmore Court & Motel recently made headlines by being awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award. This award highlights its commitment to sustainable practices and marks it as a leader in green accommodation in Fermanagh. Achieving the Green Tourism Silver Award Belmore Court &

Paws Parent, Pet Friendly accommodation, Standard Rooms with mini kitchen or tea & coffee. Alternative to Enniskillen Hotels.

Paws Parent

The Rise of the Paws Parent: A New Era in Pet Ownership In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in how people view their pets. No longer simply animals to be fed and cared for, pets have become cherished members of the family, often referred to as fur

Mad about March


Mad About March Deal: Your Gateway to Enniskillen’s Charm 2 Night’s Bed & Breakfast with FREE Dinner Book Now from £99pps As spring whispers its return, the vibrant town of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh beckons travellers with its unique blend of natural beauty, historical depth, and cultural vibrancy. In collaboration

Spring Events

Spring Events

Spring Events in Enniskillen and Fermanagh: A Visitor’s Guide to the Heart of the Lakelands As winter’s chill recedes, the verdant landscapes of Enniskillen and Fermanagh awaken, offering a refreshing and vibrant backdrop for visitors exploring this exquisite part of Northern Ireland. Known for its stunning lakelands, historic sites, and

Easter Breaks in Fermanagh

Ultimate Guide To Easter in Enniskillen

Are you ready for the Ultimate Guide To Easter in Enniskillen? The spring season brings warmer temperatures, bursts of colour, outdoor activities, and, in the midst of it all, the Easter holidays. There are many egg-cellent reasons to visit Enniskillen, Fermanagh, this April. At Belmore Court & Motel, we have

The perfect date night in Fermanagh

The perfect date night in Fermanagh

The Perfect Date Night in Fermanagh: A Romantic Getaway in Northern Ireland Fermanagh is a beautiful county in Northern Ireland, known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. If you’re looking for the perfect date night in Fermanagh, the area offers a range of activities and experiences that are



Coffee Morning with British Heart Foundation Belmore Court & Motel is set to host a heartwarming coffee morning event in support of the British Heart Foundation, marking an engaging highlight of Heart Month. Scheduled for Wednesday, 21st February, from 11am to 1pm, this gathering is not just a chance to

Enniskillen Drama Festival

Enniskillen Drama Festivel

Theatrical Escapes: Enniskillen Drama Festival and Relaxation at Belmore Court The Enniskillen Drama Festival is a beacon for theatre enthusiasts, drawing in a tapestry of plays that span themes, eras, and emotions. Hosted annually, it transforms the quaint town of Enniskillen into a vibrant hub of storytelling and theatrical brilliance.

Green Hotels in Enniskillen, Bug Hotel & Bird House by Mens Shed

Green Hotels in Enniskillen

Promoting Urban Biodiversity at Belmore Court & Motel Green Hotels in Enniskillen In the heart of the bustling environment where urban life meets the tranquility of nature, Belmore Court & Motel has emerged as a sanctuary for biodiversity, demonstrating a profound commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. This commitment is

Valentines in Fermanagh

Valentines in Fermanagh

Valentines in Fermanagh: A Romantic Retreat at Belmore Court & Motel Book Now As Valentine’s Day approaches, the quest for a unique and intimate getaway becomes paramount for couples. Nestled in the heart of Fermanagh, Belmore Court & Motel emerges as a gem for those seeking romance infused with tranquillity.

Mindfulness Retreat Experience at Belmore Court & Motel

Mindfulness Retreat at Belmore Court & Motel

Discover Serenity and Wellness at Belmore Court & Motel: A Mindfulness Retreat In the heart of Fermanagh, amidst its natural beauty and peaceful ambience, lies a unique experience that beckons those seeking tranquillity and mindfulness. Belmore Court & Motel, in collaboration with James Graydon-Rhodes from The Happy Mind Studio, introduces

About Belmore Court Motel – Enniskillen Motel, Hotel and Guest Accommodation in Fermanagh

Top 5 Hotels in Enniskillen

Exploring the Charm of FERMANAGH: Top 5 Hotels IN ENNISKILLEN. …. according to TripAdvisor Enniskillen, a picturesque town in Northern Ireland, blends scenic beauty, historic landmarks, and a welcoming atmosphere. Nestled in County Fermanagh, it’s a gateway to the natural splendours of the region, including the famous Lough Erne. Choosing

Enniskillen International Market

Enniskillen International Market

Enniskillen International Market The vibrant 2024 International Market converges at the historical Enniskillen Castle Museums. This enchanting market event, set for 17-19 May, is not just a shopping experience but a cultural fiesta that brings together many international flavors, crafts, and entertainment. Over the years, the Enniskillen International Market has

10 Best Coffee Shops in Enniskillen

10 Best Coffee Shops in Enniskillen

10 Best Coffee Shops in Enniskillen Exploring the 10 Best Coffee Shops in Enniskillen is a delightful experience for any traveller. The town offers something special for everyone with a range of unique and charming coffee shops. Below is a guide to some of the best coffee shops in Enniskillen,

Family Friendly Restaurants

Family Friendly Restaurants

Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants Belmore Court’s central location means you can sample the great food and drink that The Fermanagh Lakeland’s has to offer, all within walking distance or a short drive. Families can choose to enjoy a fine dining experience, a lively bistro, speciality restaurant, sample one of the

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