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The Rise of the Paws Parent: A New Era in Pet Ownership

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in how people view their pets. No longer simply animals to be fed and cared for, pets have become cherished members of the family, often referred to as fur babies or furkids. With this shift in perspective comes a new term: paws parent.

Understanding the History of the Paws Parent

The term “paws parent” originated from the combination of “paws,” representing the animal’s feet, and “parent,” signifying the caregiver role. It reflects the growing trend of treating pets with the same love, care, and attention typically reserved for children. While pet ownership has always been prevalent, paws parenting elevates the relationship to a new level.

The history of paws parenting can be traced back to the changing dynamics of modern society. As people delay marriage and parenthood, pets often fill the void, providing companionship, emotional support, and unconditional love. Additionally, the rise of social media has allowed pet owners to share their experiences and bond over their mutual love for animals, further cementing the idea of pets as family members.

Expectations of a Paws Parent

Being a paws parent entails responsibilities and expectations similar to those of traditional parenting. Paws parents are expected to provide for their pet’s physical and emotional needs, including regular meals, exercise, grooming, and veterinary care. They prioritise their pets‘ well-being, often making sacrifices to ensure their comfort and happiness.

Paws parents also play a crucial role in shaping their pets’ behaviour and socialisation. They invest time and effort in training, socialising, and enriching their pets’ lives, fostering a strong bond built on trust and mutual respect. Additionally, paws parents advocate for their pets’ rights and welfare, promoting adoption, responsible breeding practices, and animal welfare initiatives.

The Perfect Getaway for Paws Parents: Belmore Court & Motel

As paws parenting becomes increasingly prevalent, pet-friendly accommodations are in high demand. Fortunately, establishments like Belmore Court & Motel are leading the way in catering to paws parents and their furry companions. Situated in the heart of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, Belmore Court & Motel offers pet-friendly standard rooms, making it the perfect destination for paws parents looking to take a short break or holiday with their pets.

Benefits of Staying at Belmore Court & Motel:

1. Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Belmore Court & Motel understands that pets are part of the family. Their pet-friendly standard rooms are designed to provide comfort and convenience for paws parents and furry friends.

2. Central Location: Located in the bustling town of Enniskillen, Belmore Court & Motel offers easy access to shops, restaurants, and attractions, allowing paws parents to explore the area with their pets.

3. Outdoor Spaces: Belmore Court & Motel is near beautiful outdoor spaces where pets can stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. From nearby parks to scenic walking trails, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures with furry companions.

4. Warm Hospitality: The staff at Belmore Court & Motel are dedicated to providing exceptional service to every guest, including four-legged ones. Paws parents can rest assured knowing their pets will be treated with care and kindness during their stay.


As the concept of paws parenting continues to gain momentum, pet-friendly accommodations like Belmore Court & Motel are essential for meeting the needs of modern pet owners. By offering pet-friendly standard rooms and a welcoming atmosphere, Belmore Court & Motel caters to paws parents seeking a relaxing getaway with their furry companions. Whether it’s a short break or a longer holiday, paws parents can trust Belmore Court & Motel to provide the perfect retreat for them and their pets.

For more information about pet-friendly accommodations at Belmore Court & Motel, visit

Paws Parent FAQ

Yes, Belmore Court & Motel offers pet-friendly standard rooms to accommodate guests traveling with their furry companions. These rooms are specifically designated for guests with pets, ensuring a comfortable stay for both humans and animals.

Belmore Court & Motel welcomes well-behaved pets of all shapes and sizes, including dogs, cats, and small animals. Guests are encouraged to inform the motel of their pet’s species and breed when making a reservation to ensure the best possible accommodations.

Yes, there is a small additional fee for bringing a pet to Belmore Court & Motel. This fee helps cover the cost of additional cleaning and maintenance required to ensure the comfort of all guests. Please contact the motel directly for current pet fees.

Belmore Court & Motel strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both guests and their pets. Pet-friendly amenities may include pet beds, food and water bowls, waste disposal bags, and access to outdoor spaces for exercise and play.

While Belmore Court & Motel welcomes pets, a few rules and regulations are in place to ensure all guests’ safety and comfort. Pets must be kept on a leash or in a carrier when in public areas, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Excessive noise or disruptive behaviour may result in additional charges or eviction from the premises. See for more information.

For your pet’s safety and well-being, it is recommended that they not be left unattended in the room for extended periods. If you need to leave your pet alone for a short time, please notify the front desk.

Yes, Belmore Court & Motel is located near pet-friendly parks, walking trails, and outdoor attractions where you and your furry companion can enjoy quality time together. The motel staff can also recommend pet-friendly restaurants and activities in the area.

Making a reservation for a pet-friendly room at Belmore Court & Motel is easy. Visit our website at or contact our reservations team directly. Be sure to specify that you will be travelling with a pet so that we can ensure the availability of a pet-friendly room for your stay.

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