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Belmore Court & Motel - A sustainable hotel in enniskillen

We’re committed to being as sustainable as we can be. We do this by minimising as much as we can any negative impact we might have on our local environment.

What is Sustainablity?

“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities.”
Sustainable Hotel in Enniskillen, Solar at Belmore Court & Motel

Our Green / Sustainability Policy

The Belmore Court & Motel recognises that our work may directly or indirectly affect the local, regional, and global environment. We are committed to reducing harmful environmental effects, and in working with reputable associations, we aim to understand, follow, and implement the best environmental practices where possible. We encourage our employees, suppliers, and guests to be environmentally aware through recycling and energy efficiency initiatives.

We are undertaking the following actions to fulfil our commitment to working sustainably:

  • We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • We continuously seek to improve our environmental and social performance.
  • We reduce pollution, emissions and waste.
  • We reduce the use of energy, water and other resources.
  • We raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in sustainable business practices.
  • We expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.
  • We assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way.
  • We liaise with the local community.
  • We have minimised our risks associated with social and environmental issues.
  • We are committed to Equality Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • We have joined the Green Scheme as an indicator of our sustainable practices.

This is endorsed by the Owner and the Senior Managers.

We would like to ask you to help us. If you have any suggestions on how to improve, please get in touch with reception.


Terry McCartney (Owner/Manager)


This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Any updates will be communicated promptly to all stakeholders.


We at Belmore Court and Motel are committed to fulfilling this policy. We invite our staff, guests, and suppliers to join us in our journey towards sustainability.


In conclusion, our commitment at to sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility, but a core part of our identity and operations. We recognize the significant impact the hospitality industry has on the environment, and we are dedicated to implementing innovative, eco-friendly solutions that reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote a healthier planet.

From our energy-efficient practices to our support of local communities, every step we take is guided by the principle of leaving a minimal environmental impact while providing exceptional service to our guests. As we move forward, we will continue to embrace new technologies and strategies that align with our sustainability goals, ensuring that our actions today pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Sustainable Hotel in Enniskillen FAQ

At Belmore Court & Motel, we are committed to sustainability through various practices like energy-efficient lighting, water conservation measures, waste reduction programs, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Our goal is to minimise our environmental impact while maintaining high-quality service for our guests.

We believe in supporting our local community sustainably by sourcing locally-produced goods, partnering with local businesses for services and supplies, and engaging in community and green initiatives.

Waste management is a key aspect of our sustainability efforts. All of our rubbish goes to a Waste Transfer Station locally, and we do NOT send anything to a landfill.

Absolutely! Guests can participate by opting for our towel and linen reuse program, conserving energy and joining us in local eco-friendly activities and initiatives.

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