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our journey to being sustainable

Our Journey to Carbon Neutral

sustainable accommodation in Enniskillen

Belmore Court & Motel is thrilled to announce its recent membership with the Green Tourism Scheme, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly operations.

The Green Tourism Scheme is a reputable certification program that recognises and promotes sustainable practices within the tourism industry. By joining this esteemed scheme, Belmore Court & Motel underscores its dedication to minimising its environmental impact, supporting local communities, and promoting eco-conscious travel.

“We are incredibly proud to align ourselves with the Green Tourism Scheme. This membership is not merely a certification, but a reflection of our ethos to operate responsibly and contribute positively to our local environment and the broader community,” said Terry McCartney, the Manager at Belmore Court & Motel.

Some of the key sustainability initiatives at Belmore Court & Motel include energy conservation through renewable energy sources, waste reduction and recycling programs, water conservation, and supporting local businesses by promoting locally sourced food and products. Moreover, the motel is actively involved in community outreach programs that aim at enhancing the local ecosystem and biodiversity.

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Our Green Policy

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What You Can do?

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A Sustainable Journey

Our Green Action Plan

As we take steps along our sustainability journey, we will continually look to improve, make sustainable choices and embed sustainable practices across everything we do and the way that every person in our team thinks.  We will:

  • Work diligently to minimise our waste and conserve natural resources, mainly through energy and water conservation.
  • Reduce and measure our CO2 emissions on an annual basis.
  • Ensure no single-use plastics are used in our accommodation.
  • Reduce the use of pollutants and harmful chemicals both outside and inside our accommodation. Wherever possible making sure cleaning materials are eco-friendly.
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Make Every Towel Count

Towel Reuse Program

Within the first year, we saw almost a 20% reduction in our laundry loads. This meant saving approximately 100,000 litres of water and reducing our detergent use by nearly 23%. But that’s not all; the energy saved in heating the water and running the dryers at the external laundry was equivalent to powering four average-sized homes for an entire year!


Craftmanship with a Purpose

Urban Biodiversity

At Belmore Court & Motel, the addition of two birdhouses and an insect/bug hotel represents a significant step towards creating a biodiverse-friendly environment. These structures serve as vital refuges for local wildlife, particularly in urban areas where natural habitats are increasingly scarce.

These structures were proudly made by the Fermanagh Men’s Shed at Action Mental Health.


Water Consergvation Efforts

Ways to save water

In today’s world, water conservation is more crucial than ever. With climate change and growing populations, the demand for water is increasing, making finding ways to save this precious resource essential. Many organisations are leading by example, implementing innovative environmental initiatives that not only benefit the planet but also inspire others to take action.

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ethical purchasing in fermanagh

Our ethical purchasing policy isn’t just a document; it reflects our commitment.

Leave no Trace in the countryside

These principles are more than guidelines; they’re a way of life for everyone. 
Tourism Accreditiation

Green Tourism

To promote a greener, cleaner environment for people, places and our plants we are involved with the Green Tourism Accreditation programme and are pleased to have recently been awarded the gold award for our work. The Green Tourism programme is acknowledged worldwide as an indicator of a good environmentally friendly practice.

Green Tourism Focuses on:

  • Reducing energy use.
  • Saving water.
  • Efficient and eco-friendly waste disposal.
  • Ethical buying.
  • Staying local and seasonal.
  • Minimising food miles.
  • Promoting biodiversity.
  • Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom.
  • Helping to conserve local heritage.
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and use eco-friendly cleaning products. Our commitment includes solar energy initiatives and a pellet boiler for clean energy.

We prioritize sourcing locally-produced goods and partner with local businesses, promoting sustainable community engagement and supporting local economies.

Guests can join our towel and linen reuse program, conserve energy, and participate in local eco-friendly activities.

We ensure all waste is managed responsibly by sending it to a local Waste Transfer Station, avoiding landfill use.