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Marble Arch Caves – Exploring a Natural Wonder



Not far from Belmore Court & Motel are the Marble Arch Caves, a geological marvel located in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Visitors will be transported to a world of stunning limestone formations, winding underground rivers, and otherworldly stalactites and stalagmites. The Marble Arch Caves are a true natural wonder, and visitors of all ages will be enchanted by this unique subterranean world.

They are a major tourist attraction, set in the picturesque foothills of Cuilcagh Mountain, just a short journey from the island town of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

The landscape encompassing the Marble Arch Caves was formed over 340 million years ago. Today, this natural environment of caves, rivers, mountains, ancient woodlands, waterfalls and gorges offers an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the incredible range of activities and experiences the Caves have to offer.

JULY 2024 Update: Summer Bus Service to the Marble Arch Caves 🚍

Translink are operating a daily bus service from Enniskillen Bus Station to the Marble Arch Caves from 1st July to 31st August .(excluding Friday 12th July).
The service departs Enniskillen Bus Station (Monday – Friday) at ⏰11:45am , allowing locals, visitors and tourists to travel for 🎫 £5.40 day return per adult and only 🎫 £2.70 per child day return. A family ticket for up to 2 adults and 4 children is 🎫 £24.00 for unlimited day travel. The bus departs from the Marble Arch Caves at ⏰ 4:30pm to return to the Enniskillen Bus Station.
Guided Cave Tours- run 10:00am – 5:00pm daily, July & August. Guided Cave Tours are 60 – 75 minutes in duration. We suggest you book your tickets online in advance of your visit. If you show your bus ticket at check in on your day of visit, you will receive 15% Discount of your Guided Cave Tour which will be refunded into your account.
We have everything you need in one place for booking your bus ticket and planning/booking your activity Guided Cave Tour or Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail.
The Caves are open all year; for online booking, opening information or Today’s Tour information, please visit the website.

Adventures at Marble Arch Caves


23rd June 2024Earth Yoga

Join us for a unique experience as you get in touch with your inner yogi in a beginner-friendly 60 minutes yoga session in the depths of the Marble Arch Caves. Relax body and mind as we connect to nature inside the cave with an inviting and inspiring class welcome to all levels. This multi-sensory experience will take your yoga practice to a place it has never been, surrounded by the sights and sounds of mother earth deep in the heart of the show cave, 50 metres underground.

We’re excited to open bookings for our Junior Ranger Programme! Ranger Kate 👩‍🦰 invites 20 kids to join her for outdoor fun and learning. They’ll explore woodlands 🌳, discover caves 🔦, observe wildlife 🦡, and learn to protect our environment.

21st July 2024 Echoes of Summer

This event offers guests a unique experience with local Caritas Chamber Choir performing a selection of classical to contemporary music in the show cave. As you walk, accompanied by your guide, summer song echoes through the 340-million-year-old rock, carried beyond the chambers and along the rivers of the show cave. A wonderful way to experience this natural underground world!
In collaboration with Tully Mill Restaurant, guests can savor a delicious outdoor BBQ feast. Delight in scrumptious dishes while enjoying the choir’s music carried by the summer breeze. Socialize with other attendees in the scenic outdoor setting above the show cave. (You also have the option to bring your own picnic).
1st August 2024A Day in the Life or a Ranger
Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a Ranger on Cuilcagh Mountain?
Here’s your chance to find out! Join us for an unforgettable day at the Marble Arch Caves and get a sneak peek into the life of a Ranger, led by the esteemed Ranger Kate, known as the ‘Guardian of the Mountain’.

10th August 2024Cracks to Caverns

Embark on a thrilling three-hour jeep safari, exploring the stunning Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail, aka the ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ without the hike!

Start with a scenic jeep ride, guided by our expert staff. Learn from a local Ranger about the area’s landscape and conservation efforts. Capture breathtaking photos and soak in the beauty!
Follow the rivers down Cuilcagh Mountain and into underground caves. Enjoy an exclusive tour of the Marble Arch Caves with a private guide, discovering the incredible history and formations.


The geology of the Caves is truly remarkable, and visitors will be awed by the intricate formations and unique features found throughout the cave system. From the twisting underground rivers to the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, the Marble Arch Caves offer a glimpse into the natural beauty and wonder of our world.

Marble Arch Caves - Exploring a Natural Wonder


Planning a visit to the Marble Arch is easy, with plenty of information available on the official website. Visitors can expect to spend several hours exploring the cave system, with guided tours available to help navigate the twists and turns of the underground passages. The visitor centre is the perfect place to start, with helpful staff on hand to answer any questions and provide assistance.

Marble Arch Caves - Exploring a Natural Wonder


The history and formation of the Caves is a fascinating topic, and visitors can learn more about this unique natural wonder by exploring the exhibits and displays in the visitor centre. From the role of glaciation in shaping the landscape to the stories of the people who first explored the caves, there is much to discover and learn.

Marble Arch Caves - Exploring a Natural Wonder


Activities and tours are plentiful at the Marble Arch Caves, with something to suit all interests and ages. Guided Cave Tour 2 is available throughout the day, providing an up-close look at the unique features and formations of the cave system. For those who prefer to stay above ground, there are plenty of hiking and outdoor activities to enjoy in the surrounding area.
Marble Arch Caves - Exploring a Natural Wonder


Conservation is a top priority at the Marble Arch Caves, and visitors can learn more about the efforts being made to preserve this unique natural wonder for future generations. From conservation initiatives to ongoing restoration work, the Marble Arch Caves team is dedicated to protecting and preserving this remarkable site.
Marble Arch Caves - Exploring a Natural Wonder


There are plenty of hotels in Enniskillen and accommodation options available for visitors to the Marble Arch Caves, including the Belmore Court & Motel. This modern guest accommodation is conveniently located just a short drive away from the caves and offers comfortable rooms for guests. The surrounding area is also rich in history and natural beauty, with nearby attractions such as the Stairway to Heaven and Florencecourt easily accessible from the hotels in Enniskillen.

Overall, visiting the Marble Arch Caves is an unforgettable experience that will leave visitors with memories to last a lifetime. This unique natural wonder is genuinely one of the gems of Ireland, and visitors of all ages will be enchanted by its beauty, history, and natural wonder.

Free Parking:
 Car and campervan parking is available. Buses and coaches, pick-up and drop-off are available in front of building entrance along with parking allocated bays.


This guide is designed to help provide information on areas that may be helpful for people with access requirements.

Car Parking

There are 5 designated spaces for people who hold a Blue Badge in the main carpark next to the main entrance to the Visitor Centre. Patrons are advised not to use these spaces unless entitled to do so, with their Blue Badge displayed prominently. A drop off point is available to the left of the front entrance door.

Getting to the Venue

There are two entrances from the car park area:

1)    A footpath from the car park to main entrance.  2)    A tarmac lane around the side of the visitor centre to the entrance at the back of the building.

There are dropped kerbs along the footpaths from the car park and a ramped approach up to the front entrance doors.


To enter Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre, you must first go through the main glass doors into a large entrance area.  The doors are not automatic but there is a bell on the right-hand side if you require assistance.


The reception desk is to the right of the Main Entrance Area. The reception desk has a lowered level on the right-hand side. Please make staff aware if you need to use the system.

Display Area

There are displays in the middle and sides of the visitor centre showing the formation, history and geology of the Marble Arch Caves.

The area is a large open space with a level floor.

Meeting Room

To get to the meeting room space there are two small steps, handrails are not provided. If a person needs to use a ramp to enter the room please make staff aware. The furniture can be easily moved to suit the customer`s requirements.

Souvenir Shop

The souvenir shop can be found just past the reception area. The souvenirs are displayed along the walls and middle of the room.

Toilet Facilities

There is an accessible toilet located to the right before the reception area of the main visitor centre. There is an emergency alarm cord beside the Toilet.

Stairs in Visitor Centre

There is only one area of stairs in the visitor centre. The stairs are in the middle of the main entrance building. The stairs have handrails on both sides. There are two flights of stairs with a landing between them. The stairs lead to the lower level where the Cafe, Audio Visual Room and Cave Tour waiting area are located. A lift is available to the restaurant, Audio Visual Room and waiting area on the lower level. The lift is opposite the reception area.


The flooring throughout is level and green in colour.

Marble Arch Caves Tour

The Cave Tour is approximately 75 minutes in duration. The tour consists of a subterranean boat trip followed by a walking tour.  The tour is led by a trained guide and consists of embarking and disembarking from a subterranean boat, walking along discrete lighted pathways and negotiating hand railed steps (there are see-through panels between the steps).  The show cave is not accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs/prams.

VR Tour Room

Located on the lower level of the Visitor Centre, the entrance doors are wide and double doors. There are discrete lighting however main lights can be switched on. The room permits inclusive access.

Marble Arch Café

The café is located past the souvenir shop on the lower level of the visitor centre, there is a lift available, (opposite reception desk) which provides access to the lower level or alternatively it can be reached around the side of the visitor centre and through the entrances at the back. The furniture can be easily moved to accommodate the customer.

Facilities for those with Visual Impairments

Guide/Assistance Dogs are welcome in the visitor centre. If you are using a Guide/Assistance Dog, please let reception know so they can provide you with a best possible service.

Personal Assistance Support Scheme (PASS)

PASS is available for people who have a disability who require the assistance of a companion in order to attend the Marble Arch Caves and are entitled to a complimentary ticket for their companion.

The person with a disability must first register their details with the Marble Arch Caves  before the personal assistance support scheme can be availed of, registration form can be accessed via the link below or contact our Customer Service Team  on +0044 (0)28 6632 1815 or email

PASS Scheme Form Click Here


Marble Arch Caves are a natural wonder located in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. They are a unique geological formation consisting of stunning limestone formations, underground rivers, and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.
Marble Arch Caves are easily accessible by car, with parking available on-site. They are located just off the A4 between Enniskillen and Sligo, and the caves are well signposted from the main road.
Yes, guided tours are available throughout the day at Marble Arch Caves. They provide visitors with an up-close look at the unique features and formations of the cave system and are led by knowledgeable and friendly guides.
Marble Arch Caves are open daily from 10am to 5pm, with the last tour departing at 4pm. During peak season, the caves may be open longer hours to accommodate increased demand.
Visitors to Marble Arch Caves should wear comfortable, sturdy shoes with good grip. The caves can be slippery in places, so it’s essential to wear appropriate footwear. Additionally, the caves can be cool and damp, so visitors should bring a jacket or sweater to stay warm.
Yes, photography is allowed in Marble Arch Caves. However, flash photography is not permitted as it can damage the delicate cave formations.
Yes, several accommodation options are near Marble Arch Caves, including the Belmore Court & Motel, a modern hotel type accommodation just a short drive from the caves. Other options include bed and breakfasts and self-catering cottages.
Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail: This scenic trail takes visitors through the beautiful Cuilcagh Mountain Park, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Florence Court: This beautiful 18th-century mansion is surrounded by stunning gardens and parkland, offering a glimpse into the history and grandeur of Ireland’s past.

These are just a few examples of the many nearby attractions to Marble Arch Caves. Whether visitors are interested in history, nature, or culture, there is something for everyone in this beautiful part of Ireland.

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