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A 3-Day Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen


Whisked Away: A 3-Day Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen

Nestled in the picturesque town of Enniskillen, our cosy 60-bedroom, 4-star guest accommodation is your gateway to the enchanting world of Fermanagh. While we pride ourselves on serving a delicious breakfast to kickstart your day, the county offers many experiences that beckon couples. Here’s a curated 3-day itinerary to ensure you enjoy your romantic autumn getaway in Enniskillen.

Day 1: An Afternoon Arrival & Enniskillen Exploration

Afternoon: Enniskillen Castle Museums
When you arrive in the early afternoon, you can set your bags down and head straight to the historic Enniskillen Castle Museums. Perched by the River Erne, the castle complex houses two museums encapsulating Fermanagh’s rich history and culture. The autumn foliage against the backdrop of this medieval marvel offers a picturesque setting for your first adventure as part of your Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen.

Evening: Riverside Stroll & Dinner
As dusk envelops the town, a walk by the river offers a serene ambience, perfect for couples to revel in the romantic atmosphere. For dinner, explore Enniskillen’s culinary scene. Choose one of the quaint eateries that serve up delicious local fare, allowing you to delve into the flavours of Fermanagh. Options include WV Bar, Saddlers Bistro & the Firehouse or Francos.

Day 2: The Lush Landscapes of Fermanagh

Morning: Breakfast & Marble Arch Caves
Wake up to the delightful aromas of our breakfast spread. Once satiated, head out to explore the renowned Marble Arch Caves. A guided tour takes you into a subterranean world of rivers, waterfalls, and stalactites. It’s an experience that feels both adventurous and intimate.

Afternoon: Lough Navar Forest Viewpoint
Drive or cycle through the magnificent Lough Navar Forest. The forest drive culminates in a viewpoint that offers a panoramic vista of Lough Erne, the islands, and the vast landscapes of Fermanagh. The seclusion and beauty of this spot make it ideal for sharing a quiet moment with your loved one.

Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen

Evening: A Relaxed Night In
After a day of exploration, you’d prefer a relaxed evening. Grab a takeaway from one of the town’s gourmet establishments and retreat to the comfort of your room. Pair your meal with a movie on one of our large smart TVs or enjoy a heart-to-heart conversation, cherishing the serenity of Fermanagh nights.

Day 3: Leisure, Lakes, and Farewell Dinner

Morning: Breakfast & Leisurely Town Exploration
Post breakfast, spend your morning strolling through Enniskillen’s charming streets. Visit the Buttermarket, a hub of artisan craft shops and studios, ensuring you pick up a keepsake to remember your trip. Afterwards, enjoy lunch in many local cafes, including The Toasters, Jolly Sandwich or Folk, making the most of your Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen.

Afternoon: Boat Tour of Lough Erne
No visit to Fermanagh is complete without experiencing the tranquillity of Lough Erne. Opt for a guided boat tour. Glide past scenic islands, learn about the lake’s history, and perhaps even disembark on one for a brief exploration.

Evening: Farewell Dinner at Water’s Edge
Conclude your Fermanagh adventure with a romantic dinner by the water. Several restaurants along the Lough Erne shoreline offer mouth-watering dishes complemented by mesmerising views, including the Kove Restaurant, Moorings and the Watermill Restaurants. As the sun sets and you relish your final meal in Fermanagh, reminisce about the cherished moments you’ve shared during your stay.

Three days in Fermanagh might seem fleeting, but with the right itinerary, it’s ample time to create memories that last a lifetime. From historical sites to natural wonders and from forest trails to lakeside dinners, Enniskillen and its surroundings cater wonderfully to couples in search of both adventure and relaxation. We hope to be a cherished part of your journey. Safe travels, and hopefully, we’ll see you soon during your Romantic Autumn Getaway in Enniskillen!

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