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Celebrating the Season: A Guide to the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen


A Guide to the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen with a Twist

The 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen is more than a pub crawl; it’s an exhilarating festive adventure. This year, the challenge is heightened with a fun twist: each pub has its unique rule, adding an extra layer of merriment to the tradition. Participants embark on a jolly journey from the conveniently located Belmore Court & Motel, wearing their most outrageous Christmas jumpers and adhering to the evening’s quirky rules.

The Essential Rules:

  • Visit 12 pubs in one evening.
  • Have just ONE drink per pub.
  • Spend ONLY 30 minutes in each pub.
  • Wear a Christmas jumper – the uglier, the better.
  • Drink a pint of water every 4 pubs.

Magees Bar at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in EnniskillenThe Magic of Enniskillen at Christmas: As you enter the brisk December air, Enniskillen town centre greets you with twinkling lights and festive decorations. The streets buzz with holiday spirit, echoing with laughter and music. From the traditional Christmas markets to the beautifully adorned shop windows, the town is a canvas of Yuletide joy. This magical setting is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the 12 Pubs of Christmas experience.

Starting at Belmore Court & Motel: The journey begins at Belmore Court & Motel, a place that captures the essence of holiday warmth. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and exceptional service, the motel is decked out in festive decor, adding to the seasonal excitement. Its prime location makes it an ideal launchpad for your pub crawl adventure. After a restful night in their comfortable accommodations, you’ll be ready to embark on your festive journey.


As we embark on the festive journey of the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen, we must emphasise the importance of responsible drinking and staying hydrated. Enjoying the pub crawl responsibly ensures your safety and the enjoyment of those around you. It’s recommended to pace yourself with your drinks, opting for lighter options if needed, and, most importantly, to stay hydrated. The rule of having a pint of water every four pubs is not just a guideline but a sensible approach to maintaining hydration and well-being throughout the evening. 

Remember, the true spirit of the event lies in the shared experiences and festive cheer, not in overindulgence. By drinking responsibly and keeping hydrated, you contribute to a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved, making the 12 Pubs of Christmas a memorable and joyous occasion.

Celebrating the Season: A Guide to the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen
Some Locals enjoys the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen - Christmas Carols

The 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

1. WV Bar, Westville Hotel – Situated behind the Belmore Court & Motel, it’s always great to start 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen at the WV Bar as it offers a range of drinks, from traditional ales to contemporary cocktails, catering to a diverse clientele. The interior, with its classic décor and comfortable seating, creates an ideal setting for relaxed conversations and friendly gatherings. Drink a Beer of choice.

WV Bar at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

2. Wilde’s Bar, Enniskillen Hotel – The interior of Wildes Bar, with its stylish décor and comfortable seating, provides the perfect backdrop for socialising and entertainment. Regular live music and events add to the bar’s vibrant character, making it an ideal spot for an enjoyable evening out. Drink a Beer of choice & Christmas Carols for late arrivals.

3. The Old Oak. The Old Oak offers a genuine slice of Irish hospitality. The bar prides itself on serving a variety of local beers and spirits, and its warm, rustic interior, often filled with the sounds of live traditional music, creates an ambience that’s both lively and inviting – Boat Race.


4. The HorseshoeThe Horseshoe Bar offers a wide selection of drinks, including local ales and spirits, and is known for its welcoming, down-to-earth staff. Tequila & Silent Bar (No talking).

Horseshoe Bar at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

5. Mulherns – This traditional Irish pub, situated conveniently in the town, is a hub of social activity, attracting a diverse mix of patrons. Known for its classic, unpretentious décor, Mulherns Bar exudes timeless charm and comfort. Bottle of choice.

Mulherns Bar at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

6. MageesMagees Bar often hosts entertaining events, including live music sessions that showcase local talent, adding to its appeal as a vibrant social hub in Enniskillen. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking to experience the warmth and conviviality of a traditional Irish pub. 1 Ale in 3 minutes.

Magees Bar at Christmas

Intermission: Courthouse Sing Song. This gives punters a short break from the 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen.

7. FirehouseThe Firehouse bar boasts a range of diverse drinks, including craft beers, artisanal cocktails, and classic spirits, catering to all tastes. No time for food. Double and mixer of choice.

Firehouse at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

8. Granny Annies – Granny Annies stands out with its quirky, eclectic décor that combines rustic elements with modern touches, creating a space that’s both cosy and visually stimulating, including the furniture on the ceiling. Jug between 2

9. Pat’s BarPat’s Bar exudes a warm and welcoming vibe, making it a favourite spot for both regulars and newcomers. The pub boasts a selection of local beers, ales, and spirits, served by friendly and knowledgeable staff who contribute to the pub’s inviting character. Cider’s the tipple.

Pats at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

10. Crowe’s Nest – Located in the bustling heart of the town, the Crowe’s Nest bar captures the essence of a traditional Irish pub with a modern twist.  Shot and Mince Pie.

Crowes Nest at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

11. Charlies – The famous Charlie’s Bar is more than just a drinking spot; it’s a place where stories are shared and connections are made. WKD

Charlies at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

12. Blakes of the Hollow – Esteemed as one of the town’s oldest and most characterful pubs, Blakes of the Hollow welcomes visitors with its traditional Victorian décor, featuring ornately carved woodwork and authentic period features. Whatever makes you happy. You’ve made it!

Blakes at Christmas - 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen



The 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen offers a delightful and spirited adventure, weaving through some of the town’s most cherished and lively pubs. Each establishment, from the historic charm of Blakes of the Hollow to the vibrant energy of the Crowes Nest, contributes to an unforgettable experience of Irish hospitality and festive cheer. 

This pub crawl is more than just a journey through Enniskillen’s drinking spots; it’s a celebration of community, laughter, and the joyous spirit of the holiday season. Adhering to the fun and quirky rules of the crawl, participants are not only treated to a variety of atmospheres and beverages but also to a night filled with camaraderie and festive fun. 

Whether you’re donning your most outrageous Christmas jumper or toasting with new friends, the 12 Pubs of Christmas is an exemplary way to dive into the heart of Enniskillen’s pub culture and revel in the warmth and merriment of the holidays.

Celebrating the Season: A Guide to the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen
Wildes Bar from the 12 pubs of Christmas in Enniskillen

12 pubs of EnniskilleN FAQ

The 12 Pubs of Christmas is an annual pub crawl event in Enniskillen where participants visit 12 different pubs in one evening, enjoying a festive and sociable experience across the town’s most beloved bars. Local legend Nick Finlay devised this version.

Yes, there are a few fun rules: visit 12 pubs in one evening, have only one drink per pub, spend only 30 minutes in each pub, and everyone must wear a Christmas jumper. We recommend drinking a pint of water every four pubs and other unique rules for each pub to make the crawl more exciting.

Absolutely! Wearing a Christmas jumper, preferably the most ridiculous and ugliest you can find, is a key part of the event. It’s a fun way to get into the festive spirit.

Yes, non-drinkers are welcome to join. You can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks at each pub. The event is about the festive spirit and camaraderie, not just drinking.

Always drink responsibly, stay hydrated, and keep within your group. If you feel unwell, it’s important to stop and seek assistance. Also, consider arranging a designated driver or using local transport.

The 12 Pubs of Christmas is a popular event, so expect a lively atmosphere with more crowds than usual. Arriving early at each pub can help avoid the busiest times.

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