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How Enniskillen’s Murals Blend Local History, Culture and Lore


Introduction to Enniskillen's Murals

Enniskillen’s Murals have come alive in the streets celebrating the town’s rich culture and heritage. This vibrant public art project spotlighting Enniskillen’s Murals began in 2017 when Experience Enniskillen set out to adorn the community’s walls.

The First of Enniskillen's Murals

The first of Enniskillen’s Mural appeared in 2021, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince.” This mural was made possible on Water Street thanks to business owner John Houston of Houston’s. Created by Karl Fenton and Jordan Shaw, this mural kickstarted the Enniskillen Murals initiative. Enniskillen’s Murals are within walking distance of Belmore Court & Motel.


Enniskillen's Murals
July 2021 – Karl Fenton & Jordan Shaw - Water Street

Business lend their walls for the Enniskillen's Murals

Enniskillen’s murals movement gained momentum as more local businesses offered their walls as canvases. One lively contribution on the back exterior of Charlie’s Bar depicts the iconic Ted Hastings from the hit show “Line of Duty.” This fun mural by artist Karl Fenton pays homage to Enniskillen-born actor Adrian Dunbar and his beloved character. With Hastings’ famous catchphrases splashed across the brick backdrop, the mural is an ode to Dunbar’s acting fame and a celebration of Enniskillen’s role in it.

The commanding image of Hastings tips a hat to the town’s most famous small-screen superintendent. This mural and others are beautifying Enniskillen while creating new focal points that highlight local pride and charm.

Enniskillen's Murals
September 2021 – Karl Fenton - Charlie's Bar

Notable Murals

This striking mural on Paget Lane celebrates Enniskillen’s connection to Lough Erne. Painted by renowned artist Marian Noone (also known as This is Friz), this large-scale pike covers the formerly drab wall of Joe the Baker’s shop. The giant fish brings energy to the street with its vivid colours and lively motion. The pike was chosen as the subject because it is one of the main species found in the waters of Lough Erne. The mural reminds locals and visitors alike of the natural beauty and wildlife that surrounds Enniskillen.

Noone’s use of colour and sense of whimsy in depicting the pike infuse brightness and personality into Enniskillen’s murals. This captivating street art is a tribute to Enniskillen’s picturesque lake landscapes. The mural transforms an overlooked alleyway into a vibrant new landmark in the town’s mural collection.

Enniskillen's Murals
November 2021 – Marian Noone “This is Friz” - Joe the Bakers

Kevin McHugh's Contributions to Enniskillen Murals

The mural “One for Sorrow” holds a prime spot on the ground level of Paget Lane beside Joe the Baker. Painted by local artist Kevin McHugh, it depicts seven magpies pilfering a pair of old boots, illustrating the popular children’s rhyme “One for sorrow, two for joy…” This location was originally home to a cobbler’s shop, making it the perfect site for McHugh’s magpie shoe thieves. The traditional rhyme and cheeky magpies inject a sense of nostalgia and whimsy into the lively street scene. Details like the worn leather boots ground the mural in Enniskillen’s history as a stop on merchant trading routes, where cobblers once plied their trade.

The magpies’ antics add a touch of playful humour as they abscond with their prized booty. The creative Enniskillen’s murals exemplify how Enniskillen’s public art beautifies the town and celebrates its heritage.


Enniskillen's Murals
November 2021 – Kevin McHugh - Joe the Bakers

The mural on the back wall of the Crowe’s Nest pays tribute to the fishermen who mean so much to Fermanagh. This stirring artwork depicts a lone angler casting his line into the waters of the famed Lough Erne. The mural’s backdrop of mountains and shoreline evokes the county’s natural beauty, and the sense of peace fishing brings. As both a pastime and livelihood, angling has defined the lives of many locals and visitors drawn to Fermanagh over generations. The dedication and patience of the painted fisherman reflect the spirit of those who rise before dawn to begin their day on the lake. 

The Crowe’s Nest, a favourite among angling enthusiasts, was the ideal location for this ode to the county’s fishing heritage. With its serene landscape and solitary figure, the mural is a quiet celebration of the joys of casting a line in Fermanagh, which has hooked many heartstrings.

Enniskillen's Murals
May 2022 – Kevin McHugh - Rear of Crowe's Nest

Enniskillen has long been home to gifted musicians who keep traditional music alive. This mural celebrates the town’s musical heritage with a portrait of a fiddler and other musicians in full swing. Based on renowned local musician John McManus, the painted figure evokes the energy and passion Enniskillen musicians bring to their craft. The mural adorns the exterior wall of Pat’s Bar, a popular spot for lively traditional sessions. Locals and visitors gather to hear talented musicians play their hearts out on the fiddle, accordion, bodhran and more.

Just as Enniskillen’s streets often reverberate with unplanned performances, this eye-catching artwork reflects the joy and vibrancy music brings to the community. By honouring its homegrown talent, the Enniskillen murals express the local pride in traditions passed from generation to generation.

Enniskillen's Murals
June 2022 – Kevin McHugh - Pat's Bar

Enniskillen’s geography as an island town means bridges are an integral part of the landscape. Under the East Bridge, a whimsical mural, “The Dance”, incorporates the bridge into its fairy-tale scenes. Local artist Kevin McHugh painted trolls under the archways while dancing fairies and other creatures circled above. The mural transforms the concrete bridge supports into the columns of an enchanted ballroom. McHugh’s imaginative style infuses this functional structure with a sense of fantasy and magic. 

Nighttime lighting illuminates the mural’s characters, their lively forms seeming to leap off the pillars they adorn. “The Dance” mural beautifies an often overlooked spot while paying tribute to Enniskillen’s many picturesque bridges. McHugh’s vision turns infrastructure into art, complementing the town’s charming island aesthetic.

Enniskillen's Murals
October 2022 – Kevin McHugh - East Bridge

Hidden initials

One of the more recent additions to Enniskillen’s mural scene celebrates the awe-inspiring Cuilcagh Boardwalk. Unveiled in December 2022 on the Belmore Court & Motel wall, this mural was painted by renowned local artist Marian Noone. It depicts a hiker traversing the famous boardwalk, which allows access to Cuilcagh Mountain’s unique blanket bog habitat. The mural’s backdrop of swirling greens and browns evokes this beloved hiking spot’s wild, windswept landscape.

Upon closer inspection, viewers can find the initials of Belmore Court owners’ children cleverly hidden in the mural’s design. This personal touch adds meaning and makes the art a true community creation. Noone’s talent brings a sense of motion and life to the painted boardwalk. Her mural provides a vibrant ode to one of Fermanagh’s most iconic outdoor attractions.

Enniskillen's Motel at Belmore Court & Motel
December 2022 – Marian Noone “This is Friz” - Belmore Court & Motel

The Newest Mural

The newest creation in Enniskillen is a colourful mural celebrating Fermanagh. Painted by local artists Danni Simpson and Karl Fenz, this vibrant mural encapsulates the spirit of Enniskillen’s famous murals. Located on the side of a downtown building, the mural depicts tourism, music, and fishing that have defined work and life in Fermanagh for generations.

These activities are an integral part of the county’s heritage and culture. By portraying them in a contemporary street mural, the artists connect Enniskillen’s past with its present and future. It is an eye-catching commemoration of the county’s tourism.

Enniskillen's Murals, Fermanagh Cottages Industries
September 2023 - Danni Simpson and Karl Fenz


With each colourful instalment, the soul of Enniskillen emerges. The Enniskillen Murals showcase the town’s flair. Visitors can experience Enniskillen’s dynamic character by exploring these captivating public artworks. The Enniskillen Murals project brings the streets to life while painting a brighter future.

What’s next? Wait and see!


Enniskillen Murals Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Belmore Court & Motel’s Enniskillen’s Murals FAQ section! We’re delighted to help you make the most of the Murals in Enniskillen. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for assistance if you have any questions that aren’t covered here.

Enniskillen’s murals are found throughout the town centre. From Wickham Drive through East Bridge Street on to the West end of the town.

There are over 8 colourful murals and wall paintings found throughout Enniskillen. The number continues to grow as new murals are added.

Enniskillen’s murals showcase scenes related to local history, folklore, culture, flora and fauna. Subjects range from television stars and historical figures to wildlife, music and landmarks.

Yes, visitors are welcome to photograph the murals for personal use. Be respectful and avoid blocking walkways or entrances.

Yes, new murals continue to be commissioned and painted regularly. Check for recent additions not featured on older maps.

We hope this FAQ section helps you enjoy the Murals in Enniskillen. We know more will be arriving soon.

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