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Belmore Court EV Charger
Belmore Court EV Charger
Belmore Court EV Charger

Charge your Electric Vehicle at Belmore Court & Motel

There is only one hotel or motel in Enniskillen with three different electric charging points, and that is our very own Belmore Court. We proudly sport both a 13-Amp granny socket offering 2kwh and two type B chargers with a 7kwh option and a 22kwh connector to suit all our guests’ needs. This will allow their vehicles to recharge overnight or top up as required. We’re supporting green travel, a part of our Green Policy at Belmore Court. The Belmore Court & Motel was the first hotel or guest accommodation in Fermanagh to offer electric charging. Over the first ten years, less than a handful of vehicles took advantage of the charging facility. However, almost 100 EVs have been charged onsite in the last two years while staying over. Having three different chargers reassures guests that there will be space and capacity during the stay to recharge in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

EV Charging at Belmore Court & Motel

There are only around seven electric car charging points in Enniskillen, and most are located nearby. Belmore Court & Motel is located in central Enniskillen and provides easy access to local restaurants, supermarkets and shopping. While staying with us, if you’re low on charge, feel free to check in, plugin and head right out on foot while your car is securely charging. If you’re planning on staying at a hotel in Enniskillen and going out on day trips with your electric vehicle, you will want a safe place for your car to charge up when you get back. While you’re resting up from your busy day trip, we’ll take care of the rest.

ESB/Ecar (Currently Free with APP/Card)

  • Quay Lane North Car Park (SC11 A & B) 22kW
  • Wellington Street Car Park (C6T20) 22kW
  • Eden Street Car Park (SC13 A & B) 22kW
  • Cross Street Car Park (SC18 A & B) 22kW
  • Queen Street Car Park (SC17 A & B) 22kW

EV Charge

  • Northern Ireland Fire Service Depot (UKEV0343) 22kW


Tesla Destination Charger

  • Erneside Shopping Centre 7kW


Fast Chargers ESB/Ecar (Currently Free with APP/Card)

There are a couple of Fast Chargers on the road from Belfast to Enniskillen. 

  • Boucher Road, Belfast 50kW
  • Sprucefield 50kW & 22kW
  • Dungannon (RC01) 50kW & 43kw

So there we have it. If you are a proud electric car owner and plan to stay in Enniskillen, Belmore Court & Motel has you covered. We’re pleased to welcome electric vehicle owners by providing them with an option to get away without worrying about finding a place to charge up. We hope to see you and your electric vehicle shortly