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Belleek Pottery

The lacy intricate delicacy and distinctive shamrock design of Belleek Pottery is instantly recognisable the world over.  See where it was made and discover the secrets of this remarkable ‘Parian’ china.  

Belleek has been making pottery since 1857. Progressing from functional earthenware to provide local employment after the famine, to dainty porcelain works of art for royal tables.   From the earliest days Belleek Pottery has sought the finest craftsmen and quality. By 1865 the company had established a growing market throughout Ireland and England, was exporting china to the United States, Canada and Australia and taking orders from Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales and the nobility.  Some of the finest pieces are displayed in the Visitors Centre. Pride of place goes to the International Centrepiece which won Gold at the 1900 Paris Exhibition.   The original listed building has been preserved. Visitors are invited to view the china being created and add to your collection at the factory shop.   

The quaint village of Belleek is also well worth exploring, as is Castle Caldwell forest park 4 miles away. The founder of Belleek once owned this estate; today, an enchanting lakeside nature reserve and birdwatchers paradise with 16th century castle ruins.  

Belleek is approximately 25 miles west of The Belmore Court.

Details:  belleek.ieCastle Caldwell Forest Walk